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ACM Guide to Computing Literature Containing over 1.5 million records for articles, books and conference proceedings, the ACM Guide to Computing Literature is the most comprehensive bibliographic database focused exclusively on the field of computing.

It is produced and made freely available on the web by the National Agricultural Library.

Online dating has been around for quite awhile, and predates official dating websites such as e Harmony or Match.

Chat rooms, Facebook messages, and even plain email have made such connections possible.

Alt Health Watch This alternative health database provides full-text for more than 140 publications in the collection, including full-text for many peer-reviewed journals.

Alt Health Watch provides in-depth coverage across the full spectrum of subject areas covered by complementary and alternative medicine dating back to 1990.

This system of peer-review, makes academic journals one of the most trusted sources of research information and alllows for the continued progression of academic thought and innovation.

Whether researching psychology, science, education, art, economics or technology; find complete and focused journals and journal articles on your academic discipline below.

searcher with nearly a decade of experience, I can attest that there is consistent evidence of the importance of establishing social support for clinical clients.Research on online dating is growing but minimal attention has been given to the experiences of Blacks who might be increasingly utilizing these social networking tools.The present paper examines these perceptions in the context of the sparse literature on Black online dating.While it may initially sound trivial, if not superficial, the implications of such an occurrence are profound.The mind has a powerful way of weaving intricate narratives about reality when in love.

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