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But I'm so very glad now that it didn't happen for me. I enjoy my friends' kids; I love being an indulgent aunty.Everybody thinks they have a right to input into women's decisions.Friends, family and work colleagues are all forever ask when you are going to have kids, and if not why not.It’s about wanting to devote our lives to other objectives.

Childfreedom is choosing not to create or raise any children.

Those who desire to have children via surrogacy are anxious about finding a “close relative” after years of evading relatives.

The surrogates are concerned about losing their livelihood, despite the many medical risks involved.

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Clearly, the cabinet committee got the brief quite wrong – they were meant to regulate, not strangulate, surrogacy.

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  1. The ADA also includes rules regarding when, and to what extent, employers may seek medical information from applicants or employees. Most states also have their own laws prohibiting employment discrimination on the basis of disability.