Dating a guarded person

A lot of us don’t use that post-grieving period to reflect, mature, and grow.Instead we use it to get drunk, become whore-y (totally a word), and block out any and all memory of the pain so as not to think about it and wind up back at that initial phase when not showering and stuffed crust pizza were basic daily staples. This is basically a giant slap in the hoo-haw to your significant other.People will sense your noncommittal attitude and run for the hills. Communicate with your partner or at least discuss things with someone you trust in order to try to progress.4) Your I-am-so-amazing-and-I-laugh-loudly-all-of-the-time schtick is intense. When anyone is trying desperately hard to be someone they’re not, it’s usually quite apparent to those around them. Work on your self-esteem, spending time alone and being truly happy.

I am a little introverted, but can open up depending on the person or how comfortable I am around them.You won’t succeed if you are too armored, defensed, protected or careful. Without feeling good about yourself, you will never actually let someone else in.You will not deeply confide in another person, and therefore risk your heart. People grow by stretching their edges and by challenging their fears, not by being safe. Connecting with someone, deepening a relationship, bonding and falling in love is not a safe process, and it absolutely requires you to risk getting badly hurt. As threatening as that sounds, surrender is also what makes the experience magical and even life-transforming.

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