Saveorupdate not updating

This behaviour is very useful if you wish to create an association to an object without actually loading it from the database.

If you are not certain that a matching row exists, you should use the method also performs better if you expect that many of the objects are already loaded and cached by the session, or if the query results contain the same objects many times.

NHibernate supports this model by providing the method (cat Id); Cat potential Mate = new Cat(); first Session.

based upon your requirement for persisting object into Database.

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I am updating an Employee data using the hibernate Orupdate method ...when i m calling get or load method its failing saying no row found .. Basically I am trying to save transient object to DB and operation seems to go through fine (I get back an id), but when I check the DB nothing appears in the table.

Now to make things even more strange when I try to insert some dummy manually I can do it, and ...

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Hibernate has been the most used persistence technology in our Java projects.

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One of them is Difference between save , save Or Update and persist, which we will see in this Hibernate article.

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