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Since the discussion of sexuality, erotic issues, pleasures, problems, fantasies and fetishes is often an extremely private matter, our phone services are our most popular, and in most cases, our most effective form of sex therapy.

Moreover, while in-person sessions are available by appointment only and must be made at least a week in advance, our phone sex therapists are on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays.

Totally private and absolutely confidential, we listen to you, explore with you, guide you, advise you, inspire you, educate you, roleplay for you, fantasize with you (no fantasy is too taboo), and help you with anything from impotence to exhibitionism, intimacy issues to orgasmic fulfillment, dating to mating, transgender questions to relationship problems, male or female ejaculation to intimacy issues, power exchange to crossdressing, “kinky” fantasies to challenging realities, adult chat to deep love, monogamy to pornography, sexual politics to religious upbringings, “talking dirty” to audio romance, your sexual past to your erotic future, gay, straight, bi or try, fears to desires, fetishes to marriages.

We recognize that most people do not wish or need to come into our LA offices for individual counseling or therapy sessions, nor are we always open for in-person appointments.

“A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle” went another popular slogan frequently used by activist Gloria Steinem.

The phrase suggests an independence and stature for women that still, four decades later, is not fully realized.

Do you need to talk to someone about something you can’t talk about with anyone else? Anytime you need to talk, 24 hours a day, the world-famous telephone sex therapists of the Dr.

But you can call us anytime, from anywhere, whenever you need to talk: 213.291.9497.

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