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Just the simple act of writing forces you to consider things you may have previously glossed over.I’m not talking about writing a “business plan.” (For startups, a business plan isn’t the best use of time and will change as soon as you start talking with prospective customers).In addition, some franchisors will provide a list of current franchise owners to contact.Contacting franchisees can be a time-consuming and frustrating experience for the prospect, and for that reason many drop out of the investigation process at this stage.

Learn more about the BCG Institute for Workforce Development by going to AIBook Series to learn about the Adverse Impact and Test Validation webinar series based on Dr.

The purpose of any selection interview is to provide an applicant with a fair opportunity to demonstrate the KSAPCs and experiences that qualify them for the position.

While the interview is the most commonly used component of selection systems, it can also be the most misunderstood and misapplied.

The selected items are items most respondents will have answered in the main interview and represent a range of expected reliability, including items that are likely to agree between interview and reinterview as well as items that may disagree.

Cases are selected to achieve 10% validation of each interviewer's caseload.

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